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Knowledge transfer and innovation are playing an important role in European policy discussions about growth and jobs during the last decade, and recently hey have become even more important as a mean of addressing the economic, environmental and social crises in Europe.
Danube Business Advisory Council - The Network of Networks
DBAC is an independent network organization whose members are promoting or providing high quality innovation support and technology transfer services to firms, with the ultimate aim to develop the knowledge economy and boost the wealth creation process. The network involves decision makers from all over the Danube region and beyond.

Danube Business Advisory Council is the Danube Business Platform. If Danube wants to stay at the cutting-edge of technology, further interaction between different disciplines, sub-sectors, economic fiels and points in the production chain are needed. A more intensive, systematic and wide-range collaboration between economy, academia and scientific institutions should be promoted, as well as public-private innitiatives to support the development of Danube Business and Technology platforms.

Innovation - Engine for Growth and Jobs
Danube countries’ economies need to adapt to the new European economic environment by bringing issues related to innovation, technology transfer and the knowledge economy to the main stream of economic development thinking, as all these are becoming powerful means of fostering development gains.